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Family and Friends of Arkansas Elementary,

On the left you will find a bookmark printout your child can use to have FREE access to Aurora Public Library. They will be able to checkout eBooks, eAudiobooks, videos, music streaming, language learning programs, research tools, and so much more. You can explore by going to and signing in with your student ID number. If you need access to your students ID number contact the school or your child's teacher @ 303-755-0323.

Info on Free and Reduced Lunch Process

To clarify a couple of concerns that have been brought to my attention:

  • It is not a federal requirement for parents to have an email to receive free or reduced benefits.

  • Paper applications are always available. However, online F&R processing is the preferred choice (reasons stated below).

Why have we moved to an online F&R application system?

Nutrition Services transitioned to an online application system for the following benefits that impact our APS District:

  • Instant notification of status when they complete the online application.

  • Significant decrease of incomplete information compared to paper applications, which can delay the approval process creating negative balances

  • Avoids duplication of paper applications

  • Better for the environment, reduces paper waste, global on-line push

What can I do to help at my school?

  • Please encourage and support ALL families/households to fill out applications online (only need one for all students in the same household)

  • Please hand out F&R flyer with link to encourage all households to fill out online F&R applications

  • Please reach out to your school kitchen manager and/or Nutrition Services Office with concerns and any questions

  • Please direct all households requiring a paper application to your kitchen site manager or the Nutrition Services Office and we can assist them

How can Nutrition Services help support?

  • In order to deliver the commitments and available support in this partnership of moving to paperless applications, Nutrition Services is providing the following resources:

  • Frequent updates: NS Office of support will send weekly or more frequently upon email request, a report stating students who have not completed a F&R application for the 2018-19 school year. Please send email request for more frequent reports to Deborah Nelson at dbnelson@aurorak12.orgor Edna Chavira at

  • Staff support at your school: NS Office of support will send out our NS staff to your schools (upon request and availability) to help parents navigate the new online F&R form at back to school nights, parent breakfasts, open houses or any other community event you may need support for your parents filling out the On-line Free and Reduced Applications. Please email requests for NS staff support to Katie Lopez at

  • Constant Support at Nutrition Services: NS office of support will have staff available at our offices everyday (15700 E. 1st Ave) from 6:30 AM - 4:30 PM M-F available to help assist anyone wanting to fill out an application by phone or in person. We will have 4-5 computers available.

  • Ongoing phone support: NS Office of Support will answer all phone calls for help/support from households needing support filling out the applications on-line. 303-343-0295 ext(s) 28565, 28529, 28551, 28578. If we are assisting other households, please leave a message and we will return calls ASAP.

  • Reminders and outreach from kitchen staff: Our kitchen site managers will send emails to households reminding them that they have not yet received a new application for this school and will attach the tutorial for directions. They will call households to remind them that they have not yet received a new application for this school year.

  • NS Office of Support has paper applications at 15700 E. 1st Ave that we can assist households in filling out if necessary

Shannon C Solomon MS, SNS

Director Nutrition Services

Aurora Public Schools

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