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Info on Free and Reduced Lunch Process

To clarify a couple of concerns that have been brought to my attention:

  • It is not a federal requirement for parents to have an email to receive free or reduced benefits.
  • Paper applications are always available. However, online F&R processing is the preferred choice (reasons stated below).

Why have we moved to an online F&R application system?

Nutrition Services transitioned to an online application system for the following benefits that impact our APS District:

  • Instant notification of status when they complete the online application.
  • Significant decrease of incomplete information compared to paper applications, which can delay the approval process creating negative balances
  • Avoids duplication of paper applications
  • Better for the environment, reduces paper waste, global on-line push

What can I do to help at my school?

  • Please encourage and support ALL families/households to fill out applications online (only need one for all students in the same household)
  • Please hand out F&R flyer with link to encourage all households to fill out online F&R applications
  • Please reach out to your school kitchen manager and/or Nutrition Services Office with concerns and any questions
  • Please direct all households requiring a paper application to your kitchen site manager or the Nutrition Services Office and we can assist them

How can Nutrition Services help support?

  • In order to deliver the commitments and available support in this partnership of moving to paperless applications, Nutrition Services is providing the following resources:
  • Frequent updates: NS Office of support will send weekly or more frequently upon email request, a report stating students who have not completed a F&R application for the 2018-19 school year. Please send email request for more frequent reports to Deborah Nelson at dbnelson@aurorak12.orgor Edna Chavira at
  • Staff support at your school: NS Office of support will send out our NS staff to your schools (upon request and availability) to help parents navigate the new online F&R form at back to school nights, parent breakfasts, open houses or any other community event you may need support for your parents filling out the On-line Free and Reduced Applications. Please email requests for NS staff support to Katie Lopez at
  • Constant Support at Nutrition Services: NS office of support will have staff available at our offices everyday (15700 E. 1st Ave) from 6:30 AM - 4:30 PM M-F available to help assist anyone wanting to fill out an application by phone or in person. We will have 4-5 computers available.
  • Ongoing phone support: NS Office of Support will answer all phone calls for help/support from households needing support filling out the applications on-line. 303-343-0295 ext(s) 28565, 28529, 28551, 28578. If we are assisting other households, please leave a message and we will return calls ASAP.
  • Reminders and outreach from kitchen staff: Our kitchen site managers will send emails to households reminding them that they have not yet received a new application for this school and will attach the tutorial for directions. They will call households to remind them that they have not yet received a new application for this school year.
  • NS Office of Support has paper applications at 15700 E. 1st Ave that we can assist households in filling out if necessary

Shannon C Solomon MS, SNS

Director Nutrition Services

Aurora Public Schools

Starting August 29 school menus will be available at the following link.

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