Dear Parent or Guardian:

Thank you so much for allowing your child to be part of the WildCatChoir this school year. We have many exciting events planned andconcerts to participate in! I would ask for you assistance in thefollowing:
1. We want these students to really understand what an honor it isfor them to be in this ensemble and you can help by encouraging themto come, be prepared, have fun, and SING!Rehearsal is every Tuesday from 2:15 - 3:15 p.m. in the music room.The first concert is Nov 8th in the gym at 6p.m.
2. If they misbehave in other specials or with their classroomteacher, depending on the severity, they could jeopardize theirposition in the choir. The other teachers will be notified of this.It is important to represent themselves in the whole school, not justin the music room.
3. If you feel it necessary to pull them from the ensemble , pleaselet me know immediately as we currently have a wait list to join theChoir.
4. If they are ill or something comes up, please just let me know viaemail: or text 720-670-8623
5. The choir will have the opportunity to sing at a Rockies game this spring.
6. The 5th graders from the choir will have the opportunity to bechosen for the Parade of Lights should we make it in:)
7. Don't you wish you were in choir??? :)
8. They will be singing a song from Moana and in the rehearsal nextweek I will let them know the title so they can practice it onyoutube. I have a choir folder on google drive and can invite you inso they can find it easier:) You do have to have gmail for it to godirectly to you.
9. I Can not believe how many wanted to do choir! What a great groupof kids... My honor and my pleasure!

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