Ashleigh Lacey

Room Number:44                                                                

Grade: 5th


Colleges/Universities: University of Northern Colorado and Regis University

Teacher Information

I am a Colorado Native.

Hobbies: Riding my horses, snowboarding, and traveling when possible.

Pets: I have two dogs named Savage and Buddy. I also have two horses named Amata and Beau. A fun fact is that my dogs match my horses!

Favorite Quote: “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” ― Maya Angelou

Why I love being a Wildcat:  I love being a Wildcat because I get to spend my day with so many wonderful students. I love the positive attitudes and smiles that every Wildcat brings to school each day! Plus, I love to ROAR!

Things that motivate you, excite you about learning:  Failure motivates me because I love the fact that we can learn from our mistakes and make changes. I always get excited when I see students have that same realization, and let their mistakes push them further rather than hold them back. Everyone makes mistakes, it is all about how we respond to those mistakes that matters!


Unified Job Description:

My job is to accelerate learning for every APS student,every day. I do my job by creating a positive learning environment with high-expectations and support so all students have the opportunity to be successful.  My community needs me to do my job!