Physical Education 

Arkansas’ Physical Education program has been designed in accordance with the Colorado Academic Standards in comprehensive health and physical education. The combined health and physical education standards are new to Colorado this year.  The standards have added the health aspect to fully concentrate on the whole child.  Safety, Respect, Responsibility, and Inclusive will be our classroom principals.

  1. Movement competence and Understanding (Physical Education)  Includes motor skill and movement patterns that teach skill and accuracy in a variety of routines, games, and activities, that combine skills with movement; demonstrating the connection between body and brain function; and creates patterns for lifelong  physical activity.
  2. Physical and Personal Wellness Includes physical activity, healthy eating and teaches lifelong habits and patterns for a fit, healthy, and optimal childhood and adulthood; Participate regularly in physical activity, achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness, applies knowledge and skills in lifelong healthy eating, and apply knowledge and skills to make decisions that promote healthy lifestyle.
  3. Emotional and Social Wellness Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in a physical activity setting.  Utilizes knowledge and skills to enhance mental, emotional, and social well- being.
  4. Prevention and Risk Management     Applies knowledge and skills that promote healthy, violence-free relationships, and applies safety knowledge and skills to prevent and treat injuries.   

Physical Education units include sports pedometers, traversing wall, ball skills, racquet skills, rhythm and movement skills, jump rope, team sports, and a variety of many other fitness activities. Children will participate in all school field day.     

I hope to inspire the children and their families by promoting a healthy, physically active lifestyle, such as exercising every day for 60 minutes and eating well balanced meals that are nutritious which include, 3 to 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Walking 10,000 steps a day at a good clip (like you need to catch a bus), is a great goal for children and adults.  We will have Physical Education class 5 days in a row this year, please have students prepared with tennis shoes when they come to PE.

I look forward to meeting you and helping your children stay healthy.

Thank you in advance for helping our Arkansas Community!

Ms. Kuchar                                                                                                                                  




Arkansas Wellness Plan

Physical Education Back to School Newsletter

I am excited to be back with the Arkansas Community this year.  I will be at Lansing  Elementary on Fridays and a half day on Thursday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning at Arkansas Elementary.   How exciting to take part in two wonderful elementary schools in APS. Children will have physical education on the same day this year once a week.  Since I will only be seeing children once a week it is important to bring tennis shoes every time you meet for PE. Children in grades 3rd-5th will begin their Fitnessgram testing.  They will complete a runner pacer test, curl-up , push-up, flexibility, and height/weight testing.  All Children will be participating in a variety of sports, cooperative games, rhythm, dance, juggling, and many more strength cardiovascular, and flexibility lessons to increase health. A healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy student is what we want for your child.  There will be tips on the website to encourage healthy behaviors.

They will be demonstrating the skill needed to perform a variety of activities while displaying responsible personal and social behavior in the gym. I would like your support in getting children to move everyday for 60 minutes . Some fun things to do with your children might be walking around the park or neighborhood, going on a family bike ride, participating in a sport through Aurora Parks and Recreation Department. We are excited to be included in APS vision of healthy schools. We will have a Coordinated School Health Team and we are looking for parent volunteers.  The CSHT will work on creating a healthy and active community.  We will look at new ways to celebrate birthdays limiting sweets for all and asking parents to bring healthy snacks such as string cheese, pretzels, granola bars instead of cupcakes. Check out our wellness plan on our website and a link to Alliance for Healthier Generation To see if your child is eating a healthy snack go to the calculator at snack calculator.  If you are interested in being  a part of the CSHT, please contact me, Ms. Kuchar at 303-755-0323 or

We will find creative ways to include more activities in the school day. Teachers will be trained providing brain breaks throughout the school day. 5th Grade students will be trained on a new program that informs children and their families how  to prevent obesity, improve academic performance , and enhance lifelong health. The program is called “5th Gear Kids”. It teaches 5th graders about energy balance and healthy habits by offering incentives and prizes when they make healthy choices with participating community partners. Children will be rewarded for healthy choices earning points to claim cool prizes like tickets to games, sporting goods and many more incentives . “5th Gear Kids" is a partnership between the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora Public Schools and the Cherry Creek School District. “5th Gear” is funded by a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation. For more information go to

Special Events to look forward to this year will be:


Jump Rope for Heart-February

Field Day Event in May

Please check out the new Wellness tab on the APS website it is full of many great tips and sites.