Arkansas offers a school breakfast program. Breakfast will be served in our cafeteria, beginning at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast stops being served at 7:43. The cost for breakfast is $1.30 for students and $2.40 for adults. Students may pay when they arrive each morning or the payment may be deducted from their lunch accounts. The menu is included in each month’s newsletter. Only students who are eating breakfast should be in the school cafeteria.


School lunches are served school days in our cafeteria. The menu is included in each month’s newsletter. Parents may pay through onsite or at Brochures and information are available in the cafeteria.

Hot lunch with milk $ 2.40

Ten-day ticket $24.00

Milk only $0.65

All Arkansas students are expected to eat lunch in the cafeteria (sack lunch or hot lunch). All food will remain in the cafeteria.