Together We Are Arkansas
Together We Are Arkansas

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Arkansas Elementary School
17301 E. Arkansas Ave.
Aurora, CO 80017 [map]

Lori Petersen
- Principal
Shelly Lane
- Secretary
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Together, We Are Arkansas!



The Power of Democracy: Breaking Barriers and Borders

Jan. 10-27, 2016
Join Aurora for the city’s 30th year of events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrate the life and legacy of one man and his dream of non-violence, equality and freedom for all.

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Together, We are Arkansas:  An inclusive community where every learner achieves.



Arkansas Staff Pic 2015


Role Model, Ownership, Attitude, Respectful* R.O.A.R.*

Office Hours: 7:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.                         

School Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. 

Morning 7:45-10:30
Afternoon 11:30-2:15

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Resources for Parents: for Parenting Coach and Toolkit                           

IXL for Math and English Practice                                   

Before/After School Care - Kids Adventures


Arkansas Celebrates Dr. Seuss' Birthday!

Thank you to the community volunteers who took time to read Dr. Seuss stories to our students.

Check out these awesome door decorations!  (click on picture to enlarge)

Ms. Chilton

Ms. Chilton's door


Mr. Lacey

Mr. Lacey's door

Ms. Borell

Ms. Borell's door

Ms. Borkowski

Ms. Borkowski's door

Ms. Haman

Ms. Haman's door

Ms. Geherin

Ms. Geherin's door

Ms. Gaudreau

Ms. Gaudreau's door

Ms. Garg and Ms. Katz

Ms. Garg's and Ms. Katz' door

Ms. Dreyer

Ms. Dreyer's door

Ms. Hartenbach

Ms. Hartenbach's door

Ms. Kalthoff

Ms. Kalthoff's door

Ms. Langren

Ms. Langren's door

Ms. McDaniels

Ms. McDaniels' door

Ms. Minardi

Ms. Minardi's door

Ms. Wynn

Ms. Wynn's door

Ms. Walker

Ms. Walker's door

Ms. Tupps

Ms. Tupps' door

Ms. Smythe

Ms. Smythe's door

Ms. Siegele

Ms. Siegele's door







CSHT members and 5th Gear students.

We thank you for the water bottles and shirts!!



Arkansas Elementary Raises School Spirit

Wildcat cheerleaders ROAR!!!!  Wildcat Cheerleaders

Comcast Internet Essentials Program

Attention Families who participate in the National School Lunch Program for free or reduced lunch: 

Bringing the Internet to your home is easy and affordable

Now you can connect to the Internet at home - for school, work, communicating with others and so much more.

How to Qualify

To qualify for $9.95 a month Internet service and a low-cost computer, your household must meet all these criteria:

  1. Be located where Comcast offers Internet service
  2. Have at least one child eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program
  3. Have not subscribed to Comcast Internet service within the last 90 days
  4. Does not have outstanding Comcast debt that is under one year old


How to Apply

  1. Apply online or call 1-855-8-INTERNET(1-855-846-8376) to request an application.
  2. You can complete your application online, or we will mail or email you an application. Complete and return it, along with supporting eligibility documents, such as proof of enrollment in NSLP from your child's school.
  3. We will notify you by mail about the status of your application after 7-10 days and send you everything you need to get set up.


How to Get Connected

Once you are approved, we'll mail you a welcome package with everything you need to set up your Internet service and receive our free Internet training. If you choose to purchase a low-cost computer, your welcome package will provide details.

Purchase an affordable computer for your family

As an Internet Essentials customer, you have the option to purchase an Internet-ready computer for the reduced price of just $149.99 + tax.

Choose from a family-oriented desktop or mobile-friendly laptop. Both options include Microsoft® Office, a 90-day limited warranty and all the hardware needed to connect to the Internet right out of the box - so you and your family can enjoy the benefits of having the Internet at home.

This exclusive offer is available to Internet Essentials customers only.

To Apply, go to:

(google translation)
Closures & Notices
Upcoming Events
all-day Graduation for HHS, RHS and Pick...
Graduation for HHS, RHS and Pick...
May 24 all-day
Seniors at Hinkley High School, Rangeview High School and Pickens Technical College will attend their graduation ceremonies on this day at the University of Denver, Ritchie Center.
all-day No School for Students Attending...
No School for Students Attending...
May 24 all-day
Because of graduation ceremonies on this day, there will be no school for students attending Hinkley High School, Rangeview High School or Pickens Technical College.
Gifted & Talented
Aurora Public Schools offers a wide range of services for all identified gifted and talented and high potential students. For more information, visit the AGATE Website.